Marcus Poggi

Associate Professor, Departamento de Informática, PUC-Rio

Research Interests

My main research is on resolution methods for Combinatorial Optimization problems, on the application of these methods and on their implementation. Linear Programming and Mixed-Integer Linear Programming play an important role in my research, as well as data structures. Im also interested in the design of heuristics to find approximate solutions to instances of combinatorial problems which are still beyond our capacity to find optimal solutions. Some keywords that often appear in my research publications are: Column Generation, Branch-and-Cut, Branch-and-Price, Metaheuristics.

My applied research focus on Logistic problems involving planning and operations. The classical problems that I'm currently working on are Routing and Scheduling problems, both considering several practical applications aspects that bring elements of Lot Sizing problems into play. In particular, my interests are on Railway Optimization and Supply Chain planning.

Other related topics present in my research are Combinatorial Auctions, Probabilistic Logic, Decision Support Systems, Game Theory, Simulation, Network Design, Graph Algorithms, Search Algorithms.

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Marcus Poggi