Current Advised Students

  • Ph.D. Students

    Anrafel Fernandes Pereira (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Antonio Pedro Santos Alves (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    José Matheus Boaro (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Kelly Azevedo (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Lucas Romão (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Paloma Guenes (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Rafael Tomaz (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Silvio Alonso Marques (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Tatiane Ornelas (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    M.Sc. Students

    Eduardo Gonçalves Motta (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Eduardo Zimelewicz (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Fábio Antunes (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Gabriel Busquim (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Marcelo Costalonga (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Mauro Marcelino (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Rodrigo Galdino Ximenes (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    Wallace Albertini (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio)

    B.Sc. Students

    Ana Carolina Esteves (B.Sc., Computer Engineering, PUC-Rio)

    Bernardo Bulgarelli (B.Sc., Computer Engineering, PUC-Rio)

    Magnolia Louise (B.Sc., Industrial Design, PUC-Rio)

Former Advised Students (Alumni)

  • Ph.D. Level

    Hugo Villamizar (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio, 2023)

    Eduardo Moreira Fernandes (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio, 2021)

    Diogo Silveira Mendonça (D.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio - co-advised by Prof. Arndt von Staa, 2019)

    M.Sc. Level

    Antonio Pedro Santos Alves (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio - co-advised by Prof. Daniel Mendez, 2023)

    Gabriel Araujo (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio - co-advised with Prof. Markus Endler, 2023)

    Paloma Guenes Costa (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio - co-advised by Prof. Teresa Baldassarre, 2023)

    Raphael Oliveira Cabral (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio, 2023)

    Danilo Almeida Felipe (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio, 2022)

    Silvio Alonso Marques (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio, 2022)

    Clauvin Almeida (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio - co-advised with Prof. Bruno Feijó, 2021)

    Rodrigo Laigner (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio, 2020)

    Hugo Villamizar (M.Sc., Informatics, PUC-Rio, 2019)

    Carlos Gracioli Neto (M.Sc., Computing, UFF - co-advised with Prof. Daniel de Oliveira, 2019)

    Érica Mourão (M.Sc., Computing, UFF - co-advised with Prof. Leonardo Murta, 2019)

    Luiz Carlos da Fonseca Lage (M.Sc., Computing, UFF - co-advised with Prof. Daniela Trevisan, 2019)

    Isela Mendoza (M.Sc., Computing, UFF - co-advised with Prof. Uéverton de Souza, 2018)

    Augusto Romeiro (M.Sc., Computing, UFF - co-advised with Prof. Daniel de Oliveira, 2017)

    Gisele Carneiro (M.Sc., Computing, UFF, 2017)

    Michaela Tiessler (M.Sc., Informatik, Technische Universität München - co-advised with Prof. Daniel Mendez, 2017)

    Priscilla Mafra (M.Sc., Computing, UFF - co-advised by Prof. Daniel Mendez, 2017)

    Peter Peret Lupo (M.Sc., Systems Engineering, COPPE/UFRJ - co-advised with Prof. Ana Regina Rocha, 2016)

    B.Sc. Level

    Mauro Marcelino de Oliveira (B.Sc., Computer Science, PUC-Rio, 2022)

    Wallace Albertini Boquimpani (B.Sc., Computer Science, PUC-Rio, 2022)

    André Vicente Pessanha (B.Sc., Computer Science, PUC-Rio, 2021)

    Fernando Baggi Tancini (B.Sc., Computer Engineering, PUC-Rio, 2021)

    Ingrid Ornellas Coda Sant’Anna Gomes (B.Sc., Information Systems, PUC-Rio - co-advised with Prof. Tatiana Escovedo, 2021)

    Pilar Baptista Fernandez (B.Sc., Computer Science, PUC-Rio, 2021)

    Bianca Villar (B.Sc., Computer Engineering, PUC-Rio, 2020)

    Maria Carolina Marinho Séves Santos (B.Sc., Computer Engineering, PUC-Rio, 2019)

    Lorena Costa (B.Sc., Information Systems, UFF, 2017)

    Pablo Fernandes Curty de Freitas (B.Sc., Information Systems, UFF, 2017)

    Pedro Henrique Bof (B.Sc., Information Systems, UFF, 2017)

    Rodrigo Nunes Laigner (B.Sc., Information Systems, UFF - co-advised with Prof. Rodrigo Salvador Monteiro, 2017)

    Alexandre Estebanez (B.Sc., Information Systems, UFF, 2016)

    Lucas de Souza Tito (B.Sc., Computer Science, UFF, 2016)

    Guilherme Gomes Martins (B.Sc., Computer Science, UFJF, 2014)

    Lívia Jordão Silva (B.Sc., Computer Science, UFJF, 2014)

    Edmilson Rodrigues da Silva (B.Sc., Computer Science, UFJF, 2013)

    Leandro Murcia Britto Pena (MBA, e-IS Expert, UFRJ, 2012)

    Rodrigo Junqueira de Oliveira (MBA, e-IS Expert, UFRJ, 2012)

    Tatiane Souza do Carmo (MBA, Software Engineering, CES-JF, 2012)

    Lucas Medaber Jambo (Eng., Computer Engineering, UFRJ, 2010)

    Alberto Boller Filho (System Analyst, IMB, 2009)

    Anderson Carlos Santos Ramires (System Analyst, IMB, 2009)

    Carlos Roberto Veiga Freire Filho (MBA, e-IS Expert, UFRJ, 2009)

    Daniel Cardoso (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2009)

    Fabiano Siqueira Freitas (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2009)

    Jhonatan Bernardes Boarim (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2009)

    Leandro Lago Quintiliano (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2009)

    Lilian Barbosa da Silva (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2009)

    Mario Luiz Catramby Andion (System Analyst, IMB, 2009)

    Sergio Luiz de Moura Andrade (MBA, e-IS Expert, UFRJ, 2009)

    Wanderley Giraldes Júnior (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2009)

    Adriana Bassut (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2008)

    Adriano Campos (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2008)

    Angelo Ferrari (System Analyst, IMB, 2008)

    Augusto Munhão (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2008)

    Cristiane Greziak (System Analyst, IMB, 2008)

    Gabriel Souza (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2008)

    Mônica Antunes (System Analyst, IMB, 2008)

    Reginaldo Gomes de Moraes (MBA, Web Development, CES-JF, 2008)

    Simone Mucks (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2008)

    Adriano Campos (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Alexandre Fonseca de Moraes (MBA, e-IS Expert, UFRJ, 2007)

    Alexandre Souza (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

    Augusto Munhão (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Bruno Miyamoto (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

    Carla Coelho (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

    Eduardo Balassiano (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Elton da Silva Bezerra (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Evandro Milagre Motta (MBA, Web Development, CES-JF, 2007)

    Gutierrez Marques de Barros (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Janaina Fidelis (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Jorge Francisco da Silva (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    José Lamas (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Jovane Marques (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

    Juliana Viana do Nascimento (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Marcelo Tessadreli (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Marcelo Viana da Silva (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Márcio Alves Marinho (MBA, e-IS Expert, UFRJ, 2007)

    Paulo Alexandre dos Santos Silva (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

    Pedro Jacobina (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

    Raquel Figueiredo Ferreira (MBA, e-IS Expert, UFRJ, 2007)

    Rogério Torres Pelito (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

    Ronaldo Ferreira da Conceição (System Analyst, IMB, 2007)

    Samir Mohd Azzam (MBA, e-IS Expert, UFRJ, 2007)

    Tatiana Matossian (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

    Vivian Marques (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

    Viviane Luz (B.Sc., Computer Science, IMB, 2007)

Requirements for Master or Ph.D. Students

  • Please check the requirements below and deliver me the signed form (in person) before applying to become part of my research group.

    R1: be able to read, interpret and write papers in English;
    R2: be able to communicate with other researchers in English;
    R3: have at least one paper published in a peer-reviewed Software Engineering (SE) conference or journal (only for Ph.D. candidates. Journal is desirable.);
    R4: be able to dedicate 40 hours/week in the research laboratory (for full time students);
    R5: attend every research group (E&A SE) and research area (SE) seminar;
    R6: not be involved with any other activities beyond their research thesis/dissertations without the advisor's agreement (for full time students);
    R7: manage their research schedule on their own, strongly committing to research deadlines;
    R8: deliver any material to be reviewed proofread and at least 14 days before the deadline;
    R9: write and proofread their proposal/dissertation/thesis in English on their own;
    R10: fully comply with ethical issues in Computer Science and Software Engineering research and experimentation;
    R11: keep the Currículo Lattes updated.

    I agree with ALL requirements listed above.

    Candidate's Full Name

    Candidate's Signature

    Date (D/M/Y): _____/_____/_____