Proceedings of the International Workshop on

Time Constrained Requirements Engineering


Engineering of Unstable Requirements Using Agile Methods

James E. Tomayko


The Inevitable Pain of Software Development, Including of Extreme Programming, Caused by Requirements Volatility

Daniel M. Berry


Requirements Honesty

Francisco A. C. Pinheiro


Agile Requirements Definition: A View from Requirements Engineering

Armin Eberlein, Julio Leite

  Eberlein, Leite

Time Constrained Requirement Engineering - the Cooperative Way

Ole Jepsen


Managing User Stories

Karin Breitman, Julio Leite

  Breitman, Leite

Requirement Documents that Win the Race: Not Overweight or Emaciated but Powerful and in Shape

Kirstin Kohler, Barbara Paech

  Koehler, Paech
How Agile Processes Can Help in Time-Constrained Requirements Engineering
Rolf Goetz
BaSyRE: A Lightweight Combination of Proven RE Techniques
Uolevi Nikula, Jorma Sajaniemi
  Nikula, Sajaniemi
Hidden Skills that Support Phased and Agile Requirements Engineering
Ben Kovitz
Time Constrained Requirements Engineering with Extreme Programming an Experience Report
Erik Lundh, Martin Sandberg
  Lundh, Sandberg

The Impact of Agile Processes on Requirements Engineering

Ken Schwaber


Proceedings Edited by Armin Eberlein and Julio Cesar Sampaio do Prado Leite