Former Coordination of Projects

Former Projects Coordination

  1. Brazilian Coordinator of the Academic project: Semantics via Proof Theory (DAAD-CAPES). German Coordinator: Prof. Peter Schroeder-Heister. March/2004 to Feb/2007.
  2. Brazilian Coordinator of the Project Mefia: Mathematical and Engineering Foundations for Interoperability via Architecture of Software. Project Funded by CNPQ and NSF (USA). American Partners: Josť Meseguer (American Coordinator) SRI-International and Carolynn Talcott (Dept of Computer Science - Stanford University). March/2000 to March/2002.
  3. Main Coordination of the Project PLATAFORMA PADCT/CNPQ. This Project was a Discussion Forum on Applications of Formal Methods for the Development of Embedded Systems. Partners: Siemens and TALK Informatics. Sept/2000 to Dec/2000.
  4. Coordination of Project GRECO. A Configurable Report Generator for the Chemical Simulator PETROX. FINEP/ANP. Partner: PETROBRAS, March/2000 to Sept/2000.
  5. Technical Coordination of the Project ARTS. A Software Development Platform for Private and Public Telephony. Partner: EQUITEL (Siemens do Brasil). From 1996 to 1999.
  6. Coordination of Projetc ALQUIMIA: Migrating Legacy code of the CGO SYSTEM. PNUD/CNPQ. Partner: TELEBRAS/CPqD. From 1993 to 1995.

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