Supervision of PhD Thesis

  1. Proximity-Based Understanding of Conditionals.Ricardo Queiroz de Araujo Fernandes. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). Aug/2012.
  2. A Proof Theory For Description Logics. Alexandre Rademaker. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). May/2010.
  3. On the concept of Trust in Intelligent Agency. Juliana Carpes Imnperial. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). Oct/2007.
  4. On Compressing Logical Proofs. Vaston Gonçalves da Costa. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). April/2007
  5. Reasonning on Games: A Modal First-Order Logic approach. Davi Romero de Vasconcelos. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). April/2007.
  6. Formal Analysis of Protocols and Distributed Algorithms: An approach based on Language. Carlos Bazilio Martins. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). Sept/2005
  7. Formal Analysis of Software based on Architectural Abstractions. Marcelo Fagundes Felix. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). April/2004.
  8. A General approach to Quantification in Natural Deduction. Christian Jacques Rentería. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). April/2004
  9. A Topos-theoretic approach to Meta-Heuristics. Fernando Náufel do Amaral. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). March/2004
  10. Extracting the Computational Content of INtuitionistic Proofs. Geiza Hamazaki da Silva. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). March/2004
  11. RWL as a Semantic Framework for MSOS. Christiano de O. Braga. (PUC-Rio, Dept of Informatics). Co-Supervised together with Prof. José Meseguer and Prof. Peter Mosses. Oct/2001.
  12. A Categorical Model for The Translation of Programming Language. Alex Vasconcelos Garcia, (PUC-RIO/Dept of Informatics) May/2000.
  13. Sharing and Denotational Semantics. Isabel Leite Cafezeiro. (PUC-RIO/Dept of Informatics), May/2000.
  14. Program Analysis and Verification. Leonardo Mendonça de Moura. Co-supervised together with Prof. Carlos José Pereira de Lucena. Feb/2000.
  15. Sequent Calculus and Natural Deduction: Relationships and Consequences. Regina Celia Moreth. (PUC-Rio/Dept of Informatics) May/1999.
  16. A Geometric Approach for Reactive Systems Semantics. Ana Isabel Espíndola. (PUC-Rio/Dept of Informatics) May/1999.
  17. The Logic of Resources in the Petri-Nets Formalism. Eliana da Silva Almeida. (PUC-Rio/Dept of Informatics) Dec/1998
  18. Categories and Sequentiality. Marcelo da Silva Corrêa (PUC-Rio/Dept of Informatics) Oct/1997.
  19. A Lambda-Calculus with Reflexive Types and Concurrency. Lucília Camarão Figueiredo. (UFMG/Dept of Computing) Jun/1997.
  20. The Software Development Process from The Point of View of the Structuristic Approach for the Natural Sciences. Aline Maria dos Santos Andrade. (PUC-RIO/Dept of Computing). Co-Supervised together with Prof. Armando M. Haeberer. Jun/1997.
  21. Luiz Carlos Castro Guedes. An Object Oriented Model for Semantics Directed Compiler Generation. Co-Supervised together with Prof. José Lucas Rangel. August/1995.
  22. Otávio Pecego Coelho. COOL : A Concurrent Object Oriented Programming Language. Jan/1992. Co-Supervised together with Prof. Sergio Carvalho.