Daniel Schwabe

(informação em Português)

Departamento de Informática, PUC-Rio

Ph.D. in Computer Science, UCLA, 1981.

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Research Interests

Advanced Information Systems

Studying systems that are built to function as part of a man-machine team. The part of the problem to be solved by the machine uses whatever techniques that are appropriate - Data Bases, Knowledge Based Systems, Hypermedia, Information Retrieval Systems, etc.... The part of the problem that is solved by the human being uses a hypermedia framework to aid the human being in managing the stored knowledge. The hypermedia paradigm is used also to smoothly integrate the formal (used by the machine) and informal (used by the human being) knowledge representations. A significant (sub) problem is how to develop Hypermedia applications, and how to integrate these applications in the framework described above. To address this issue, I have been developing the Object Oriented Hypermedia Design Methodology (OOHDM) . More information about my work, including online references about OOHDM are available in the OOHDM Wiki.

A copy of an interview to Marcio Gomes, for the Espaço Aberto program on Globonews TV, aired on May 5th. 2003 is available for download in avi format.


by Daniel Schwabe.