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Carlos José Pereira de Lucena
Object-Oriented Design, Frameworks and Design Patterns, E-Commerce, Web Engineering, Software Agents, Informatics and Education, Formal Methods
Cecília Mary Fischer Rubira
Exception Handling, Software Fault Tolerance, Programming Languages, Object-Oriented Design, Frameworks and Design Patterns, Computational Reflection
Alexander Romanovsky
Exception Handling, Software Fault Tolerance, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Concurrent Object-Oriented Systems
Jie Xu
Exception Handling, Software Fault Tolerance, Object-Oriented Design
Don Cowan
Database Systems, Frameworks and Design Patterns
Marcus Fontoura
Object-Oriented Design, Frameworks and Design Patterns, E-Commerce, Web Engineering, Distributed Systems, Domain Specific Languages, Formal Methods
Adenilso da Silva Simão
Software Testing, Formal Methods
José Carlos Maldonado
Software Testing, Software Quality, Software Development Environments
Toby Lehman
Database Systems, Tuplespace Systems, Server-based Backup Systems
Paulo Alencar
Formal Methods, Frameworks and Design Patterns
Itana Gimenes
Software Development Environments, Software Quality, Software Process
Álvaro José Periotto
Informatics and Education, Optimization
Delano Medeiros Beder
Software Fault Tolerance, Software Architecture and Patterns, Computational Reflection, Distributed and Concurrent Object-Oriented Systems
Alexandre Oliva
Computational Reflection, Distributed Object-Oriented Systems, Programming Languages

Related Projects

IBM Enterprise TSpaces Adding Fault Tolerance and Scalability to TSpaces
SoC+Agents Separation of Concerns and Multi-Agent Systems
Portalware An Environment for Development and Management of Portals
LSD Laboratory of Distributed Systems
ACCORDS Automatic Configuration and Monitoring of Component-Based Distributed Systems
ANPACIN Associação Norte-Paranaense de Audio Comunicação Infantil
Guaraná A Software Architecture for Developing Reflective Applications
Kaffe A Free Java Virtual Machine
FormLab Integrated Laboratory for Formal Methods
MOLDS A Meta-Object Library for Distributed Systems
ExPSEE An Experimental Process-centered Software Engineering Environment
AulaNet A Distance Education Tool


Research Group and Institutions

TecComm Group - Frameworks for Commerce Eletronic PUC-Rio, Brazil
TSpaces IBM Almaden Research Center, USA
Computer Systems Group University of Waterloo, Canada
Software Engineering and Fault Tolerance Research Group University of Campinas, Brazil
Dependability Group University of Newcastle, United Kingdom
Software Agent Group - MIT Media Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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