Classes in 2017.2

INF1403 - Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
INF2691 - Information Visualization
Time slot Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
09:00-10:00     INF2691
RDC 510
13:00-14:00 INF1403
L 408
L 408

Previous undergraduate classes

INF1001 - Introduction to Computer Science (in Scheme) INF1005 - Programming I (in C) INF1007 - Programming II (in C) INF1010 - Advanced Data Structures INF1335 - Introduction to Data Science INF1403 - Introduction to HCI INF1346 - HCI Design INF1620 - Data Structures (in C)

Previous graduate classes

INF2708 - Intelligent User Interfaces INF2035 - Topics: Introduction to Cognitive Science (with Antonio L. Furtado) INF2291 - Topics: Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics (with Hélio Lopes) INF2391 - Topics: Data Science (with Hélio Lopes) INF2691 - Topics: Information Visualization (with Hélio Lopes) INF2709 - Model-based design of HCI INF2710 - Research Design and Academic Writing (formerly INF2793 - Topics) INF2794 - Topics: Seminars on Human Error (with Arndt von Staa) INF2794 - Topics: Seminars on Design Research INF2920 - Topics: Seminars on System Thinking (with Arndt von Staa)