Carlos José Pereira de Lucena



Resumé (in English)






Academic Background

·        B.Sc. Economics/Mathematics 1965
PUC – Rio

·        M.Math. Computer Science 1969
Faculty of Mathematics
University of Waterloo

·        Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, 1974
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University of California
Los Angeles, USA

Academic Carrier

·        Previous Positionsfrom Lecturer to Associate Professor at PUC-Rio (1965/1982); Administrative positions: Department Chairman (1975/1979,1989/1990), Dean of Science and Technology (1981/1982) and Vice-Rector (1983/1984).

·        Present Positions – Full-Professor of Computer Science at PUC-Rio (since 1982); Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Senior Research Associate, Computer Systems Group, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (since 1993). Full member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (area: Engineering Sciences). Associate Editor of International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (IJAOSE), since 2004;  Member of the Editorial Committee of the Proceedings of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, since August, 2007; ‘Member at large’ of the Editorial Board of Communications of ACM (CACM), Latin America, 2008; Fellow of TWAS – Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, since November 2008.

Areas of Interest

Software Engineering and Formal Methods (Software Engineering Environments and Formal Specification Methods).and Applications of Information Technology.

Scientific Production

Over four hundred and fifty refereed papers and nineteen books in the above mentioned areas. Examples of journals in which some of the papers were published: SoSym, AAMAS, Communications of the ACM, IJAOSE, The Journal of Systems & Software, IET Software, SIGCSE Bulletin Inroads, The Science of Programming, Formal Aspects of Computing, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering; Computer Languages, Software Practice and Experience, International Journal on Information Technology, Information Processing Letters, International Journal on Structured Programming, Utilitas Mathematica, WWW Journal, Journal of Systems and Software, Annals of Software Engineering, IEE Software Engineering (among others).

Participation in International Scientific Events

·      Presented (and published papers) and acted as Program Committee Member in about 40 international conferences (example of sponsors: IEEE, ACM, AFIPS, IFIP, IFAC etc.);

·      In particular, acted twice as area chairman for IFIP World Congresses (1980, 1992) and four times as Program Committee member for the International Conference on Software Engineering

·      Organizer of V Versions of SELMAS (Software Engineering of Large-Scale Multi-Agents Systems) in Association with ICSE.

Theses and Dissertations

·        Master Dissertations — 105

·        PhD Theses — 37

Editorial Boards

·        Communications of ACM (CACM)

·        Proceedings of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences

·        International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (IJAOSE)

·        Formal Aspects of Computing; Springer-Verlag.

Recent Government Committees

·        Member of the Board (Conselho Deliberativo) of the Brazilian National Research Council - CNPq (1992-1995).

·        Executive Secretary of the Steering Committee for the Project Internet in Brazil (July 1995- December 1996).

·        Member of the President’s National Council for Science and Technology; in charge of Information Technology (since July 1996).

·        Member of the Steering Committee of the Information Technology Fund, Science and Technology Ministry, 2002 -.

·        Coordinator of the Computer Science Area of CAPES, 2005.





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